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What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small pieces of information which are held in your web browser software. They store information which allows websites to function and to remember you and your preferences.

Some cookies are essential and the website cannot operate without them. These manage things like allowing the server to distinguish you from other users, and storing preferences such as your desired font size.

Others provide extra functionality which, while not essential, is desirable and you may choose whether to enable these. More details are provided below, and you can click here to manage your selection.

Essential cookies

 The cookies which are essential for the operation of the site are the following:

12_song_challenge_sessionTells the server which user you are
XSRF-TOKENPrevents other web users from impersonating you
remember_web_*Remembers your login details
songclub_preferencesStores some of your site preferences, such as your preferred font size
acm_*Cookie Manager Settings
_stripe_*Manages some payment functionality for
Cookies for the domain pusher.comHandle real-time and notification functionality

Optional Cookies

While we are developing the SongClub platform, we would like to use Google Analytics to see how members are using the site. This allows us to see which pages are being viewed, and your rough location (city and country only). Google do not receive any information which could be used to identify you specifically.

These cookies begin _ga and are shown for the domain

Cookie Preferences

We use cookies on this site, and we need to know you're happy with that.